GAI took a strange path to this blog and a predictable path to go beyond it.

Dental school, Pediatric Dentistry, Public Health School, research publications and grants were all stopping points.

Despite occasionally telling people that I also served as British Prime Minister, that’s not entirely accurate.

The initial iteration of this site “Szelhamos Rules” was dedicated to the memory of my father, who was a Holocaust survivor and had a truly unique and bizarre sense of humor.

“Szelhamos” is an Hungarian word that means “blowhard or windbag. My father used to call me a szelhamos.

As time went on, the tables were turned and Szelhamos became his well-deserved name.

Surviving the Holocaust and an escape over the land-mined Hungarian border, he loved the freedom that America had to offer.

One of his favorite expressions, especially when he saw or heard of people doing strange things, was to proclaim “It’s a free country.” One of his last sights was that of Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, dancing atop a car outside of an LA County Courthouse.

Despite the incredible difficulty he had in drawing a breath, he just had to make his classic hand gesture and squeeze out the words “It’s a free country” one last time.

A few years after his passing, I decided to create a website dedicated to his memory that focused on my growing interest in stocks and individual investor strategies to stay one step ahead. The decision to fend for myself came only after the very unexpected and premature death of my longtime stockbroker and my disinterest in starting anew with a stranger, as I was beginning to have doubts as to whether hand holding was necessary in an age of online discount brokers and the internet.

Long story? It’s not. And I can tell you why.

The original incarnation of the Szelhamos Rules blog ran for precisely one year. Despite a steady readership and more than 10,000 views of the Szelhamos Story, a brief slide presentation, it was time to hang it up.

Little did I realize that rather than retiring at the respectable age of 65, I would do it so nearly a decade earlier.

Not because I had amassed enough wealth to keep me on the crosshairs of any Occupy Wall Street protestors, but because I had implemented a strategy of covered call writing that created enough income to replace the dependency on my day job.

Thanks to my stellar credentials, my oldest son convinced me to write a book on the strategic process, which took no time at all.

And it shows, as you may have seen if you clicked on any of the chapter preview links on this page.

To promote the Option to Profit book I decided to resurrect the Szelhamos Rules blog to not just write about the markets and the days’ events, but to also create an opportunity for readers and those that purchased the book to have a transparent look at my portfolio and the portfolio actions taken.

To the consternation of Twitter users, I was also convinced to create an active Twitter presence and I have loved the community that I follow and that follow me

So wouldn’t you know it? Once the one year anniversary of the new site rolled along, it was time to move onto something new, which was really something old.

Option to Profit re-morphed into its old self, which was initially a subscription service recommending stock/option plays. The difference is that in its original incarnation recommendations were made just once a month, two days prior to options expiration.

Now, with a growing family of stocks with weekly options, the opportunity to find opportunities is continuous.

Want more Information?       Want to see Demo?        Ready to subscribe?

EIther way, whether subscriber or not, here’s to prosperity for all, the the good humor to handle the curveballs that will inevitably come our way.

Happy Reading and Investing

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