Registered Users

In order to post ads or any public service information on “Employopoly” users must be registered and pay the appropriate monthly or annual fee using a PayPal account.

The current monthly fee is $1 and the annual fee is $10. Neither are refundable.

Registered users are entitled to post up to 100 blog style ads each month. Such ads may not promote gambling, smoking, alcohol or be of a sexual nature. Any violations will cause the account to be suspended and will not be eligible for a refund of any payments.

Additionally, any evidence of tampering with code or attempting to redirect menu or other links will result in suspension of account.

Registrants will receive a share of monthly advertising revenue for any full calendar month in which they are registered and paid. Revenue share is based on the average number of post days, as determined by the number of articles published during the month and the cumulative number of days such articles appeared.

Upon payment, registrants will receive instructions to establish their account. They must register, therefore, with a legitimate e-mail address.

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