Casa Ametller continues its commitment to innovation

20 May 2022

Casa Ametller continues its commitment to innovation with Visual Merchandising

Casa Ametller continues its commitment to innovation with Shop and Roll’s visual merchandising system for the refrigerated pizza category.

Following the success of Casa Ametller’s first trial runs with Shop and Roll’s innovation systems to optimise its points of sale, the Catalan retailer has relied on in Shop and Roll again. In this case, Casa Ametller has installed visula merchandising system to manage the refrigerated pizza category. This visual merchandising system with automatic pusher has a specific version for pizzas that guarantees a lot of advantages for the point of sale:

  • keeps shelves tidy and visible throughout the day
  • improves product accessibility
  • helps to increase sales
  • optimises replenishment time and eliminates manual front-of-line handling
  • respects FIFO principle
  • increases shoppers’ shopping experience

Casa Ametller had a problem in the management of the refrigerated pizza category: they saw the need to improve pizza display (usually lying down) as customers had problems choosing and distinguishing the different references correctly. Faced with this problem of poor visibility, Shop and Roll proposed automatic front display solution, a visual merchandising solution that does not require a shelf and is placed directly on a power bar. This clearly improved visibility, tidiness and accessibility of the refrigerated pizzas.

After the success of the trial run,  the pizzas system will be available in more than 30 Casa Ametller shops before the end of the year, with the rest of its establishments to be installed during 2021.

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