Electronic tagging in Carrefour hypermarkets with Shop&Roll

Electronic tagging in Carrefour hypermarkets with Shop&Roll

8 November 2022

Electronic tagging in Carrefour hypermarkets


Electronic label in Carrefour hypermarkets

Giant Carrefour has opted for the electronic label for the electronic section in its hypermarkets. Carrefour has chosen Shop and Roll for the implementation of this versatile solution to continue offering customers extra information, attention and availability.

By this digital transformation solution, Carrefour has gained agility and quickness in changing prices, being able to do so almost immediately in-store and online. In this way, the electronic label becomes a tool to face the competition, but, above all, it becomes the perfect way to communicate with the customer:

  • anticipate promotions
  • launch new products
  • adapt to competition prices
  • adjust discounts
  • perfect online/offline synchronisation

Electronic label suits perfectly to Shop and Roll’s whole range of profiles and visual communication media, which makes the choice even more versatile and opens up the possibility of implementing this solution in any other category at the point of sale.

Shop and Roll has installed more than 210,000 units in the electronics areas in Carrefour hypermarkets, resulting in increased sales and greater control of errors, information and prices. In addition, the versatility of the digital solution offers the possibility of placing the label directly on the counter, magnetised, with an angle bracket, on a display, etc.

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